Maybe Thinking “I Need Me Time” is Making You Fat!


Have you ever talked to people who only think about themselves?

You can say, “I am going for a walk.” They will talk about the one time they climbed Mount Everest. You can talk about the weather, and somehow they will talk about how the weather affects them.

You can tell them about buying some frozen fish for dinner, and they will tell you how they go deep sea fishing for swordfish, and on the way they ALWAYS see whales, dolphins, porpoises, and sea turtles.

In our family we call people like this, “tiger hunters.” It doesn't matter what you say or do; these kind of people always seem to have something that they have done that is far better.

Brian Regan making fun of people who always play the big-shot.  Watch the Me Monster!

Why are these folks no fun to be around? They are boring. Why? Because they are so absorbed with themselves that they are uninspiring. 

Maybe that is why dieting without purpose does not work. Have you ever heard the saying, “You need to take care of yourself first”? Or maybe you have heard the preflight demonstration from commercial airliners: “Always put your oxygen mask on first, before you help others.”

But I am not so sure putting yourself first works when it comes to personal improvement and weight loss.

You see, in order to make a big long term change in your life – which will change your eating and exercise habits – you need a big reason. And the reason needs to be beyond yourself.

To make a lasting change in your life, it takes consistency. In order to remain consistent, it takes motivation – lots and lots of daily motivation.

Just like it is uninspiring to talk to someone who only talks about him or herself, it is uninspiring to only think about yourself.

The Scriptures teach us that we win our life by losing our life. You need to go outside of yourself and create a bigger reason for your change of lifestyle.

You may be able to “diet” for a short time using just pure willpower, but for most who try, this method does not last. If you want to make a permanent lifestyle change, you must find your reason – one that is outside of yourself.


If you are uninspired about your health and weight loss, maybe you are just thinking about yourself a little too much.

You see, weight loss is simple.

Just eat less, and exercise. That is it. If you did that every day for the next year, you will weigh a lot less and be healthier.

But we are not robots. We are emotional and spiritual creations that are very complex. The biggest battle is not what diet to try.

Never before in the history of mankind have there been so many great books and so much information about diets, eating healthy, and exercising in print and on the Internet.

And yet, we are facing a HUGE health crisis in our nation.  And most of the health problems are related to being overweight. Even children are facing medical problems because of excessive weight. 

The biggest battle is not knowledge. The information is out there in almost any form you want: audio, video, print, or web pages. We are not suffering from a lack of knowledge.

The biggest battle happens between our ears. We can talk ourselves into eating healthy or talk ourselves into overeating junk food.  

The only thing that can change a bad habit is a strong purpose. If you work on your purpose for change, and you find something that motivates you, then you are well on your way to weight loss and good health.

When I am bored of my exercise, and “don’t feel like it,” I remind myself of my why or my purpose. Once I get a good grasp of that, I find that I can stay the course.

The only way to stay consistent over a long period of time is daily purpose and motivation.  

Here is a list of ideas that might help you:

  • I want to be a good example to my family
  • I am tired of being sick and tired
  • I want to glorify God on earth
  • I want to have more energy
  • I want to know I can control my body
  • Self-control is a Fruit of the Spirit
  • I don’t want to get a chronic illness
  • I don’t want to visit the doctor or pharmacist as I age
  • I want to be athletic
  • A disciple is a “disciplined one”
  • My body is His temple and I want to be respectful
  • I want to play with my children or grandchildren
  • I want to be the best “me” in body, soul, and spirit
  • When my grandkids are teenagers and they want to go hiking, I want to go with them!

Work on your purpose and define your “why” and you will win the battle of weight loss and good health.