Just Like a Scuba Diver Needs His Oxygen Tanks, You Need This to Lose Weight

Use your imagination to picture this scenario in your mind.

You are on a huge cruise ship out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The water is clear and beautiful. The sky is clear, and the water is calm.

There is a group of scuba divers who are about to push off and dive into the water. They have all the equipment and air tanks, and they are about to experience the beauty and wonder under the ocean’s surface. The view of the colorful fish, and the amazing feeling of swimming and diving in the ocean, is something only a few get to do.

Your husband sees all this and says, “That looks cool! I want to get all the gear and go into the ocean and see and experience what they are going to experience.”

So he goes to the cruise ship store and pays top price for a wetsuit, fins, mask, and everything he needs – except the air tanks.

The salesperson in the scuba shop tells him the air tanks are the most important or he will not be able to go underwater where the beauty is. But the husband says, “I have all the equipment that I need. I think I have spent enough money on this stuff. I have fins, a mask, and an expensive wet suit. I look like a real scuba diver. I am going in without a tank.”  

The husband looks good in all his expensive scuba equipment. But all he can do is float and swim on top of the surface of the ocean.

Without the special oxygen tanks, he will never be able to stay underwater.

He will not experience at all the beauty and depths of the ocean. There are hundreds of feet of underwater beauty that he will never see. Just floating on the surface of the water is not much better than just staying on the cruise ship.

A simple parable

Why did I tell this little story? Let me turn it into a parable. 

  • The beauty under the ocean water is your natural healthy weight.  
  • But to experience this special place that most will not see, it takes special equipment.
  • The fins, mask, and wet suit are good diet plans and exercise equipment. These are available everywhere more now than ever.
  • The oxygen tank is your “why” – why you want to get healthy and experience your natural healthy weight.

Just like oxygen tanks make the difference between floating around the top of the ocean and experiencing the beauty and depths of the ocean, so it is with weight loss. Until you figure out your “why,” you will never have what you need to maintain your natural healthy weight.

Why Why and Why

Make a list of your three most powerful emotional motivational reasons for getting and staying healthy. Read your list often, and stay connected to these reasons like a scuba diver does to his oxygen tanks.

If your emotional “why am I doing this” motivation is unclear, then when the going gets tough on the road to fitness, you will quit. Stay focused, and ask yourself every day, “Why do I want to be fit?”

You can do this! I am pulling for you!