How to Lose Weight and get Healthy by Listening to the Dave Ramsey Show


I have a great suggestion for you.  

If you are stuck and cannot seem to shed your belly fat, you need to listen to or watch the Dave Ramsey radio show.  

Everything you need to learn about weight loss you will learn by listening to Dave Ramsey and what he teaches in his class, “Financial Peace University.”

But, you say, “I thought all Dave Ramsey talked about was selling your car, cutting up your credit cards, and getting on a budget?”

Dave Ramsey teaches how to change human behavior. If you take the principles that he teaches about personal finance, and then apply them to your health, you will come out “better than you deserve!”

Let’s look at what Dave Ramsey teaches:

Common sense from Grandma

First, Dave often says he teaches common sense – just like Grandma: “Teaching you what your grandmother taught you, but we keep our teeth in!”

When it comes to losing weight, don’t try and make it harder than it really is.  

Your grandma would tell you, “Well, maybe you should stop eating out and all the junk food and eat more fruits, vegetables, and homemade meals. Also, do some exercise.”

Concerning paying off your debt, Dave Ramsey says, “Keep things clean, simple. Don’t try and trick your way into wealth.”

The same can be said for your weight loss and health. There are no short cuts or tricks (pills or expensive exercise gadgets) that will get you to your natural healthy weight.

Baby steps

The Dave Ramsey plan outlines seven steps he calls the “baby steps.”  

Calling these "baby steps" is brilliant because they give everyone hope. If a baby can take that step, then anyone can take the step, too.  

 Little by little. Take a step...and then take another baby step...and then take another baby step. I know this does not sound exciting, but it works. And isn't that what you want?

Dave could have said, “Make it your goal to become a millionaire, (SET A HUGE GOAL) and once you are a millionaire, you can pay off all your debt!”  

Instead, he teaches that it takes baby steps to reach a debt-free life.

Applying the baby step idea to your weight loss

So many people set huge goals, such as running an ironman or triathlon race, thinking that will make them change. But the real, long lasting change happens at the baby step level.

  • You start with one small habit to develop – a baby step: five pushups each day until pushups are a daily habit.
  • Then you add eating a healthy breakfast, until every breakfast is a healthy habit.
  • Then you add walking twenty minutes each day until walking is a daily healthy habit.  

It is the tortoise that beats the hare every time!

List your expenses smallest to largest (not by interest rate)

One of the “baby steps” teaches you to list your expenses not by interest rate, but by the size of the debt that is smallest to largest. Now in math and accounting, it would make sense to always pay off the higher interest credit card first.  

Dave Ramsey teaches that it is more important to have victories, even if they are small, than it is to save money on interest rates.

The same can be applied to your weight loss goals   

Create small new habits that you can celebrate as a victory. It will give you encouragement to stay in the game for the long haul.

Yes, maybe you should be running ten miles every day in order to attack your weight loss. But you will probably hurt yourself and give up.  

Start with the smallest habits – small victories day in and day out – and see how success will lead to more and more success!

Gazelle intensity

Just what is gazelle intensity?

Dave Ramsey came up with this concept by reading the book of Proverbs.

When a gazelle is being chased by a lion or cheetah, the gazelle is very focused and committed to outrunning and outmaneuvering the lion who is trying to kill him.  

The wild gazelle knows this problem with the lion is serious. Should he fail in his run, he is dead.

Dave Ramsey teaches the simple truth about debt. If you don't face the problem and take it seriously, it can ruin your life.


You need to have “gazelle intensity” concerning your health

Just like the gazelle in the wild, if he doesn’t outrun and outmaneuver the lion, the gazelle is a dead gazelle.

Being overweight and unhealthy is more than just being uncomfortable. Yes, you will have your aches and pains because of the extra weight. But in time, being unhealthy and overweight will kill you.  

It may be a slow death, and it may not happen today...but in time fat will kill you.

“I am debt free”

Often on the Dave Ramsey show, listeners who have applied the principles of “Financial Peace University” will call in and scream, “I am debt free!”

They want to share how they were able to pay off a large debt, and they want to thank Dave Ramsey for his teaching.

Often Dave Ramsey will ask the question, “So what made you become gazelle intense two years ago and want to pay off the  $155,000.00 that you owed on your credit cards and student loans?”

And the answer is normally something like this:

  • We just got tired of being sick and tired of always being in debt
  • We had a baby and we decided we didn't want our family to always be in debt
  • We make too much money to always be broke
  • We wanted to be able to be givers instead of takers
  • We got tired of being called by the creditors
  • We didn't want to be normal any more – we wanted to be free of debt

And then you hear the excitement and joy in their voice as they scream…

We are debt FREE!

You need to find your reason...your purpose to lose the fat and get into shape.

  • I am tired of being ...literally...sick and tired
  • I want to be a good example to my children or grandchildren
  • I want to be free of all the medicines I have to take
  • I want to glorify God on earth
  • I want to have more energy
  • I want to know I can control my body
  • Self-control is a fruit of the Spirit
  • I don’t want to get a chronic illness
  • I don’t want to visit the doctor or pharmacist as I age
  • I want to be athletic
  • I am tired of being always tired at work
  • My body is His temple and I want to be respectful to God
  • I want to play with my children or grandchildren
  • When my grandkids are teenagers and they want to go hiking, I want to go with them!

Finding the “why” and “purpose” for your weight loss will make all the difference in the world.

And then it won’t be long before you can scream….I AM FAT FREE!
So I encourage you today. Don’t read the latest diet book.

 Listen to or watch the Dave Ramsey show and apply the principles that he teaches.  

You will not only become debt free, but you can also be fat free!