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Proverbs-Wisdom for Today

Now you can have the wisdom of Proverbs daily – and it is as convenient as putting on your earbuds or headphones!

31 Chapters one for each day of the month

Listen to a chapter of the Book of Proverbs:

  • On your daily walk with the dog
  • During your exercise time or daily run
  • On your commute to work in the car, bus, or subway train

Apple IOS for iPhone and iPad

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Start every day fresh and ready to tackle whatever you need to do – with inspired words of wisdom!

Each chapter is fairly short, taking just a few minutes, but the wisdom will carry on in your heart and mind all day long.

Android for smartphones and tablets

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The difference of the app is you are streaming the audio and text.   You do not need to download and store the mp3's to your device.

The Proverbs app is perfect if you don't want to download the files which can take up space.

Stream both audio and the written text.