About this app for the Book of Proverbs


On this app, the audio is streaming.

This is the audio of The Book of Proverbs from the World English Bible.

The World English Bible is a modern day translation that is enjoyable easy to listen to.  

You will be blessed as you listen each day! 

Each day is a separate recording for your listening pleasure.  

The text for reading is also available, which also is streamed, and you do not need to download.

With this app you can listen to one chapter of Proverbs for each day of the month.

Do you want to be able to download the Book of Proverbs with each chapter a separate  MP3 file?

Proverbs is available to downloaded and installed on any iPod, smart phone or MP3 player.  

For more information:


Questions? email me:  brad@89days.net.  


The voice talent is Don Bratschie.  

He can be contacted at:  don@voicedon.com.