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Experience the Entire New Testament in Only 89 Days!

You will be blessed as you go through the New Testament daily and you will find it as convenient as putting on your earbuds or headphones!

260 chapters of the New Testament

Listen to God's Word Wherever You Are

This New Testament Experience Is Simple And Powerful. 

Why 89 days?

There are 89 chapters of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

By reading one chapter of the Gospels per day, and then 2 chapters of the rest of the New Testament (Acts-Revelation) for a total of 3 chapters per day, you will go through the New Testament in just 89 Days.


  • The advantage of the app is that you do not need to download all the audio.  
  • On this easy to use app you stream the audio.  
  • The full text of the scriptures is also available so you can read it right on your device.