ABOUT 89 days, The New Testament & Proverbs.

This all came out of my time on the treadmill...



As I do my miles on the treadmill, I listen to music, books and I have gone thru the Bible a couple of times, but I was never very organized.  So I set out to make an audio version of the New Testament and Proverbs.

Copyright restrictions and the Word of God

In my research about making a recording of the Bible, I learned that almost all versions of the Bible have copyright limitations and restrictions.

WEB version of the Bible


Then I found the World English Bible.  The World English Bible translation was made with the exact purpose of providing the Word of God with no copyright.

The  World English Bible  is very easy to read, modern and enjoyable.

Through the New Testament in 89 Days...

In my search for an organized Bible reading plan, I discovered a plan called:  "The Cell Rule of Optina". 

The plan is simple.     

There are 89 chapters of the Gospels.   Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

By reading one chapter of the Gospels per day, and then 2 chapters of the rest of the New Testament(Acts-Revelation)  for a total of 3 chapters per day,  you will go through the New Testament in just 89 Days.  

This plan is called "The cell rule of Optina".   The monks of the Optina Monastery enter into a daily scripture discipline: one chapter from the Gospel and two chapters from the rest of the New Testament reading daily  in order beginning with the Book of Acts and ending with the last chapter of Revelation. 

By following this plan, Matthew 1 and Acts 1-2 are on the first day and then the last Gospel John 21, is read on the very same day as Revelation 21-22.

Kindle, Nook, Paperback, Audio, iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindle fire HD, ...so many different ways for you to be blessed-

No matter if you want a book in your hand, or if you want to use earbuds to experience the New Testament and Proverbs....you can get the ebook free here!

(Works on Kindle or any tablet or smartphone)

If reading / listening to  God’s Word is a priority for you...

89 Days and Proverbs is something you want to do! 

Something you can do. 

This experience in the New Testament is simple and yet very powerful. 

Don’t delay another day. 

Start your audio journey today with the New Testament and Proverbs being the center of your daily listening or reading.

You will be blessed!


The World English Bible is the version used in the ebooks and all audio.   It is an easy to read modern day english version based on the American Standard Version of the Bible which was first published in 1901.  The World English Bible was created for the purpose of sharing the Word of God in modern english without a copyright - free in the Public Domain.  You can learn more about the World English Bible here:  https://worldenglishbible.org/