Easy to use. Works with any phone, tablet or computer. only 12.77.

Easy to use. Works with any phone, tablet or computer. only 12.77.

Are you wanting to develop the spiritual habit of daily Bible reading / listening?

...and you will find it as convenient as putting on your earbuds or headphones!

This is a very simple plan that will keep you on track.

Listen to God's Word Wherever You Are

This New Testament Experience Is Simple And Powerful. 

One chapter of the Gospel daily.  There are 89 chapters of the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

By reading one chapter of the Gospels per day, and then 2 chapters of the rest of the New Testament (Acts-Revelation) for a total of 3 chapters per day, you will go through the New Testament in just 89 Days.  

Simple reading plan

This plan is called “The cell rule of Optina.” The monks of the Optina Monastery enter into a daily Scripture discipline: one chapter from the Gospels and two chapters from the rest of the New Testament, reading daily in order beginning with the Book of Acts and ending with the last chapter of Revelation. 

By following this plan, Matthew 1 and Acts 1-2 are on the first day, and then the last Gospel chapter, John 21, is read on the very same day as Revelation 21-22.

89 Days is not just a normal program where you go through the New Testament from start to finish. No, it is very different because each day you get a full chapter of the Gospel (the Good News). Then also each day you listen to 2 chapters of the rest of the New Testament. 89 Days is truly an experience in God’s Word that will be with you all day long.

How the plan works

Each day you listen to 1 chapter of the Gospels.  All the words, teaching and miracles of Jesus.  Then also you will listen to 2 chapters starting in Acts and working through all the Epistles, and ending with the Revelation.  Most days you will listen to 3 chapters, but there are some days when it is only 2 chapters.

You can see a printable chart that shows the 89 days listening plan by clicking here

Easy to use

"Stream from the Cloud" or Download

You get both options.  Stream or download...or both

  • Streaming - You can play directly on any smartphone, tablet - computer. (Internet connection require to stream).

  • Download - Download to any device and add to the playlist of your choice. Play without the need of an internet connection.

Personal and Up Close. Very Close

I strongly recommend that you listen with earbuds or headphones. Why? You will be less distracted from other sounds around you. It is more of a “one on one” experience. Earbuds make the words you are hearing more alive and personal. This can be a very spiritual time listening to God’s Word.  

89 Days is perfect to incorporate into your daily walks or during your personal exercise time. You can listen to 89 Days in a crowded gym, or by yourself at home on your treadmill.

It only takes minutes per day

 Make the most each day with a plan that includes going through the New Testament.

It really does take just minutes per day. In an average day you will listen to 3 chapters, which will take between 9-16 minutes per day.  

Let’s say you have a thirty-minute workout planned for each day. If so, you can easily make your daily playlist to include some encouraging music with the daily 89 days Scripture plan.

Often we have good intentions as believers to read his Word every day. Now you can take your good intentions and combine it with a good plan that will help you reach your goal.

Take away your excuses

The excuse of “I just don’t have the time” is no longer the case.

Listen to samples below.


My journey to good health led me to make the 89 Days experience

Seven years ago, at the age of 49, I began to take my health and weight seriously. I began my journey to find my natural healthy weight and to maintain good health, which got me on my treadmill at home. In order to stay motivated and stay on the treadmill, I began listening to digital music, books, and podcasts on my mp3 player and iPhone.  

Music, Scriptures, and Exercise

I found that by mixing my daily playlist with a combination of music and Scriptures, the perfect atmosphere was created to begin my day and keep me motivated. This is how and why 89 Days was created.

I am convinced 89 Days will be a blessing to you also. 


Give it a try today!

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The World English Bible is the version used in the ebooks and all audio.   It is an easy to read modern day english version based on the American Standard Version of the Bible which was first published in 1901.  The World English Bible was created for the purpose of sharing the Word of God in modern english without a copyright free in the Public Domain.  You can learn more about the World English Bible here:  https://worldenglishbible.org/